Weaving Metacognition into an Introductory Biology Course

Christelle Sabatier
Santa Clara University

I developed a series of online activities using Google docs and forms to promote student metacognitive development in an introductory biology course. The activities encourage general reflection on learning strategies both in and out of the classroom and link these reflections to in class assessments. This ongoing project provides a scalable set of tools for instructors wishing to implement metacognition in their courses but don’t have much time in their curriculum to do so.

New Content and New Pedagogy for Tech Writing

Theresa Conefrey
Jackie Hendricks
Santa Clara University

Our project supports the re-design of a multiple-sectioned Core Curriculum advanced writing course taught by English faculty and required by all engineering majors. We created and are still curating materials in a drive on G Suite for Education. Our drive, “English 181 Teaching Resources”, offers guidance on incorporating educational technology into the course, examples of assignments to assess learning outcomes, and multimedia resources on all course topics to supplement more traditional text-based content. Instructors can easily access our materials and add their own. We also created a Google Group for instructors to comment on and request new materials as needed.

Ciao Web!

Marie Bertola
Irene Bubula-Phillips
Evelyn Ferraro
Santa Clara University

Our project focuses on the curation of web-based resources to support learning in the area of Italian language and culture and to enhance student learning, engagement, and active class participation. Web applications such as Playposit, EDPuzzle and Yabla were used to turn authentic and current video content into interactive, engaging learning experiences designed to deepen linguistic and cultural understanding.