Using Virtual Reality to Facilitate Meaningful Online Interactions, Collaboration, & Community

Matthew Joe
Marineh Lalikian
Audrey Witters
Jennifer Gardner
Megan Pearse
Dina Venezky
Azjah Robertson
Davina Drabkin
Justina Kayastha
John Thomson
Justin Willow
Shawn Dunbar
Lis Harris
Stanford University

In Fall 2017, the GSB’s Online Executive Education and Digital Learning Solutions teams will implement VirBELA, a virtual reality platform that will be used to deliver virtual, interactive live course sessions with faculty, facilitate collaborative engagements, and build a strong virtual learning community for the LEAD Certificate – a year-long, online executive education program. Since its inception in 2015, we have been using a virtual campus to deliver LEAD course live sessions. VirBELA will be our third platform after TERF and AvayaLive Engage, and we have learned much about what works well and what can be improved about the virtual learning experience that each tool provided. We believe that VirBELA combines the assets of each of the previous tools we used to deliver an engaging experience.

If you’re interested in seeing the GSB’s virtual campus in VirBELA, follow this link:

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