Using Podio for Process Improvement

Pauline Becker
Britt Carr
Erfan Mojaddam
Mark Trenchard
Kim Walker
Stanford University

Stanford Medicine EdTech has invested heavily in process improvements using Podio, a tool for easy visual creation of relational databases and business workflows. We first used Podio to manage migrating ~500 courses from CourseWork to Canvas. Now the tool is used to manage production workflows, purchasing, room reservations, employee development plans, equipment inventory, CRM, consultation requests, and project collaborators.

Such range of applications requires integrating third party tools that:

  • Automate workflows (task assignments, e-mail generation, notifications),
  • Track time on tasks,
  • Manage digital signatures, and
  • Generate Gantt charts for project reporting.

Our next step is to integrate ServiceNow for ticket tracking.


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