Student-Led PharmD Cardiovascular Curriculum Optimization to a Systems Based Design

YeeAnn Chen
University of California, San Francisco

The UCSF PharmD program will implement a systems-based education in 2018. In the successful implementation of the curriculum transformation, optimizing organization and cohesiveness among lecturers of different disciplines is important. To help with optimization of organization and cohesiveness, a pilot project was developed for the cardiovascular portion of the 2018 curriculum. Designed by a pharmacy student intern, the project integrates all cardiovascular-related syllabi, objectives, course materials, and assessments from different courses of the current quarter-based curriculum to create concise 2-page summaries for each class session in the new curriculum. The future direction of this project includes expanding this optimization process to the other systems-based block themes and developing a curriculum map platform to store and utilize these summaries.


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