Adaptive Equity-Oriented Pedagogies and Technological Tools that Enhance Students’ Academic and Psychosocial Outcomes

Andrew Estrada Phuong
Marilyn Montenegro
Judy Nguyen
Shahana S. Farooqi
Claire S. Bang
Danielle Hoague
Diana Heath
Ashley Lopez
Bernadette Blashill
University of California, Berkeley

Since 2010, UC Berkeley and K-12 instructors synthesized technologies using an adaptive equity-oriented pedagogy to improve 2000+ students’ engagement and achievement. This pedagogy employs formative-assessment technologies (e.g., Socrative, Canvas) that help instructors adjust instruction based on students’ progress. STEM and social science instructors in our research addressed learning challenges by combining various technologies to diversify instruction and enhance student success. In face-to-face and online contexts, these technologies (e.g., Mindomo, iCivics, Slido, Kahoot!, Perusall) helped instructors facilitate interactive lectures, group activities, workshops on design thinking, Q&A sessions, concept mapping, the development of student-initiated projects, and collaboratively annotated reading assignments. This research has been conducted in collaboration with UC Berkeley’s D-Lab, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Equity and Success to enhance inclusive teaching and learning.

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